What does a youth coordinator do?

What does a youth coordinator do?

What does a youth coordinator do? Anan Majdi, youth coordinator at the Musel Pikes, talks about his job.

What are the tasks of a youth team coordinator? 
As youth coordinator, I am responsible to :

– Manage the training schedule (time, place, etc).
– Manage and train the club’s coaches by drawing up a « coaches guideline »: this is a manual for coaches to learn how to work with young people and target their development.
– Plan and organise club sports events (tournaments, training courses, camps, etc.).
– Act as the club’s technical advisor to the committee.
– Evaluate the club’s needs in terms of materials and equipment.
– Apply the club’s training plan while ensuring that :
– Medium-term objectives: create competitive teams in the U16 and U18 categories (girls and boys).
Long-term objectives: create a solid base of young players for both competitive and recreational teams.
– To promote the discipline of basketball in the region.
– To intervene in schools (schools, colleges, high schools)
– To set up and develop the club’s project: To train talented local players and continue to develop them in order to feed the senior teams.
– Appoint the club’s young referees for the weekend matches (at home).
– Manage the timetables of players in the national framework (U12 to U18)
– Plan individual training for young people.

Who do you work with to achieve your mission? 
To achieve my mission: I collaborate with the 2 « Head Coaches » of the A-teams:
John DIECKELMAN and Louis WENIG, but also with their assistant coaches.

Louis MUACHO, my assistant, helps me a lot with the planning of the training sessions and the preparation of the matches.

And finally I also work with all the coaches of the club, to ensure a good functioning of the trainings and to carry out the projects of the teams).

In terms of general organization, I work with the club’s secretariat and the committee, which provide a favorable climate for success.

How many youth teams do the Musel Pikes have at the moment? Do you take care of all the teams? 

This season, the Musel Pikes team is one of the few clubs with one or two teams per age group . This concerns both male and female categories.

Personally, I am officially coach of the U16/U18 and U20 men and U19 women. But I also look after the other age categories.

Musel Pikes trains baby basketball teams up to the Espoirs categories (boys and girls). This is our philosophy: to encourage youth work to build the future of the club.

What are the main challenges/difficulties? 

During the adolescent period, young people undergo significant physical and mental changes that make the task of youth coaches more complex and sometimes they have difficulty communicating with players.

It is important for the coach to put himself in the place of each player, to consider their ideas and needs.

If this is overcome, the foundations will be laid for optimal teamwork in the best possible conditions.